The Little Lion Cub

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A short story for young children about the naughty little Lion Cub and his friends on their quest to drink water from the well in the Jungle.

Including a choice page where the child can choose the course of the story.

Description   Screenshots
This story was originally a short song in Hebrew that was made up on the fly to amuse my 2-year-old daughter. She liked it so much that she sings it all the time, so I decided to turn it into a whole story.  

Status: Version 1.1 Released
Story Author: Eliram Haklai
Images: Eliram Haklai
Languages: English, Hebrew, French
Version: 1.1
Resolution: 320x320 (High Res), 160x160 (Low Res)
Minimum Palm OS Version: 3.5
Color Depth: High (65536 Colors)
Interactivity: Yes

Future plans: Other Languages.


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Language Resolution Size Download Buy (Only $3.90) Notes
English 320x320 1155k Download Palmgear | Handango  
English 160x160 360k Download Palmgear | Handango  
French 320x320 1155k Download Palmgear Translation by aldweb
French 160x160 360k Download   Translation by aldweb
Hebrew 320x320 1155k Download Palmgear | Handango  
Hebrew 160x160 360k Download Palmgear  

Note: Buying the any version will let you use all other versions as well.

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