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Attention Internet publicists:

  • Do you write for a palm oriented website?
  • Do you have a high-traffic Blog?
  • Are you active in palm related forums?

Get a FREE full version of "The Little Lion Cub" if you intend to write a review about it!

Terms and Conditions  
  • This offer may expire at any time without prior notice
  • Since I do not wish to flood forums or sites, I may refuse recurring and frequent request from the same site.
  • Write your own review, experience and impression. Be it positive (yey) or negative (oh, man!). I'd appreciate a link to this site, and you may use the images available in this site.
  • I also ask that the review will be more than a few words. I worked hard on this software.
Want to apply?  
  • Send me an email to  info @ onceuponapalm . com   (Without the spaces, of course)
  • In the email, please specify your hotsync ID
  • Please also attach a link to your site
  • Please use the email address listed in the site, Blog etc. Your email address should be listed in the site. If it's not, please add the word OUaP somewhere so I can confirm that you are truly the site's owner

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